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A condition where nerves are damaged causing weakness, burning pain, numbness, tingling, and debilitating balance problems.

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is widely accepted as being the most effective way to manage your musculo-skeletal aches and pains.

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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine allows us to perform various lab tests so we can get to the origin of the problem.

Nutritional Supplements Icon

Nutritional Supplements

Good nutrition in South Charlotte NC is the pillar of life itself. Purchase your supplements here.

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Allergy Treatment

Some allergic reactions can be mild with only a few symptoms… while other reactions can be life-threatening and require emergency medical interaction.

Auto Accidents

If you need personal care and personal treatment for your personal injury... look no further than Origins Mobile Wellness.

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Corporate Wellness

When properly integrated, a corporate wellness program can improve employee health and productivity, and contain healthcare costs.

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Air/Water Purification

The air we breathe as well as the water we drink will have a profound effect on the health of our bodies.

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Functional Orthotics

Did you know that your back pain in South Charlotte NC could be coming from your feet?

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chiropractor South Charlotte NC

Origins Mobile Wellness is a mobile chiropractic clinic in South Charlotte NC. Chiropractors are one of the most amazing healthcare professions, yet only a small fraction of the general public is aware of what they do or why they do it. This website is meant to assist you in acquiring a fundamental understanding of how our South Charlotte NC chiropractors may be of assistance to you and your family members.

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Origins Mobile Wellness

We are much more than just a mobile chiropractic practice… This is a MOVEMENT!

Origins Mobile Wellness is redefining how healthcare is done.

Nowadays, people want convenience. They do their Christmas and Birthday shopping from the privacy of their home. They do their grocery shopping from the privacy of their own home. They even purchase vehicles and houses without ever leaving their homes. People are busier now than ever before. They are more stressed than ever. Origins Mobile Wellness is positioned to bring a convenient and stress-free experience right to your doorstep at a price that you can afford.

Have You Ever Wondered How The Practice Of Chiropractic Started?

In the Greek language, the phrases chir (hand) and praktos (done) were joined to produce the word "chiropractic," which means "done by hand." In fact, Daniel David Palmer, the originator of chiropractic care, chose that exact phrase as his personal favorite. Harvey Lillard, who was deaf to a great extent at the time, was cured by D.D. Palmer during a chiropractic adjustment in 1895. Harvey Lillard subsequently said that the modification had resulted in a significant improvement in his hearing.

Following that, in 1895, D.D. Palmer founded the world's first chiropractic school, and for the next century, chiropractic professionals have used spinal adjustments to help people prevent and cope with back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle strain, headaches and migraines, as well as a variety of other physical afflictions. Dr. Palmer's work has had an influence on millions of individuals and continues to do so today.

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Common Areas We Help

We use multiple strategies to treat chronic pain and offer a variety of safe, effective options with our team of providers. Areas of treatment include:

  • Wrist
  • Knee
  • Ankle
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Low Back
  • Hip
  • Feet

Wrist Pain, Arthritis, CMC Joint Pain


Torn Meniscus, Arthritis, Jumpers Knee, Runners Knee, Chondromalacia Patella


Sprained Ankle, Arthritis


Torn Rotator Cuff, Arthritis in the Shoulder, Labrum Tear, Bicep Tear, Impingement Syndrome


Golfers Elbow and Tennis Elbow

Low Back

Chronic Low Back Pain


Bone on bone hip osteoarthritis and hip bursitis


Plantar Fasciitis, Joint Pain in the Toes, Achilles Tendonitis

Meet Our Doctor

Are you tired of feeling the way you're feeling? At Origins Mobile Wellness our team is ready to meet with you to discuss your needs. We will help to design a program that is right for you. We look forward to meeting you.

"We no longer have a healthcare system. Instead, what we have is a disease management system. At Origins Mobile Wellness, we desire to take your health to an entirely different level."

- Dr. Todd Boyd D.C., D.A.B.C.O.

Chiropractor South Charlotte NC Todd Boyd
Dr. Todd Boyd D.C., D.A.B.C.O.
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Origins Mobile Wellness offers a unique approach to chronic pain management. Contact our experts today.

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Our team will meet with you on your first visit to discuss previous treatments and create a plan to help you get your lifestyle back.

Experience Relief

Our holistic approach will empower you to become the leader of your health and healing without drugs or surgery.

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"Dr. Boyd provides excellent chiropractic care. He takes time to discuss all facets of health during a visit if so needed. And the home care part is a plus with children and a moving schedule. I trust him for my care and the care of my boys. His faith is solid and another plus for me."

- Jenna H.

"Dr. Boyd is awesome! I have had the worst problems with my lower back for the last 8 years from sports. Everywhere I went they wanted to do surgery, but Dr. Boyd was able to help me become painless after a few treatments. Now I see him monthly and couldn’t be happier."

- Andrew A.