Chiropractic Testimonials

"I’ve been working with Dr. Boyd for at least a couple of years now and the service is always outstanding. He’s always been able to find solutions to the issue my body has presented. It is also extremely convenient to have him come to the house. I would highly recommend Dr. Boyd to anyone seeking chiropractic services."

– Brian H.

"For over a year I had been living with stiffness, tension, and stress in my neck, shoulders, and lower back. Dr. Boyd came to my home to adjust me. I felt 90% better after the first visit. I am on the way to restoration. Thanks to an amazingly skillful and dedicated chiropractor. Dr. Boyd has an excellent bedside manner. He is patient. He cares about people. He is one of a kind. I am happy to recommend him."

– LJ M.

"Moving to NC and trying to find a chiropractor that I can trust to adjust me can be a very scary thing! I am so glad I found Origins! It's so convenient to take a break from working from home and have a Chiro. appt. in the comfort of my home without disrupting my day! I get great care at an affordable rate and Dr. Boyd treats me like part of the family. He is so professional and kind. Thank you, Dr. Boyd, for keeping my spine healthy and pain-free!"

– Nicole B.

"Dr. Boyd is awesome! I had a herniated disc and was bedridden for a couple of months. I was not sure how I was going to be able to make it to any kind of doctor’s appointment. Dr. Boyd came to my house for treatments and has gotten me on my feet again. He has such a caring, calm bedside manner and was very knowledgeable of the pain I was in and how to effectively treat it. I highly recommend Origins to anyone who has back issues."

– Jerry E.

"Dr. Boyd is an amazing doctor, he does a great job making sure I’m comfortable before proceeding with anything. He explains everything perfectly and does a phenomenal job. 10/10 highly recommend Origins Mobile Wellness. Invest in your health with the right doctor, and he’s the right doctor."

– Jaylyn S.

"Dr. Boyd has helped our whole family tremendously with both chiropractic care as well as NSRT treatments. For me, it helped a great deal with my food and environmental allergies these treatments are amazing I would encourage everyone to look into them. Thank you Dr. Boyd for all you do!"

– Jay A.

"Dr. Boyd is a one-of-a-kind chiropractor that treats each patient like family. He focuses on truly getting to the “Origin” of each problem you may be facing and uses different techniques in order to find the one right for you. Joining you in the comfort of your home, he makes chiropractic appointments easy! Not once will he make you feel rushed or that you’re just a number. He is onto something quite remarkable integrating laser acupuncture treatments, supplements, and other homeopathic medicines. He truly has it all. If you need help healing in any way and are looking for someone that genuinely cares, Dr.Boyd is your man!! Thank you so much for all you have done so far! I’m looking forward to many more!"

– Destiny R.

"During the pandemic, I have been very hesitant to go into a doctor’s office for a nonemergency issue. However, I have noticed an issue with my knee that was concerning. Dr. Todd came to my house, met me on my back patio with his portable chiropractor table and examined my knee, and discussed other concerns. I was highly impressed (even though he said I probably need surgery) with his knowledge, advice, prognosis, and follow-up."

– Kyle R.

"Origins is a great option for those that appreciate the convenience of an at-home visit rather than the typical office visit. Dr. Todd is incredibly gifted at what he does and can work magic on your body alignment. His personality puts you at ease the moment you meet him. And his cutting-edge instruments are nothing short of amazing in what they can detect in your body. I would highly recommend Origins to anyone looking for a completely different perspective on any personal health issues that remain unsolved."

– Danny C.

"Todd and the crew are the best I have come across since the beginning of my chiropractic journey. I have had chronic back pain for years and not only does he keep my back aligned, but he also offers a holistic approach to health through testing and coaching. Todd truly cares about his patients, and I always leave feeling like a new man every time. Origins Mobile Wellness has my highest recommendation."

– Timothy R.

"I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Boyd. I have limited mobility and it’s hard for me to go out during the winter months, so being able to get an adjustment without leaving the house is amazing! Although the house calls are great, the best thing about Dr. Boyd is that he truly listens to his patients and their concerns, and he always tries to get to the root of a problem to ensure he provides the proper treatment. You never feel rushed, and you never feel like you’re just a number. You can tell he genuinely cares about his patients."

– Despina K.

"Dr. Boyd provides excellent chiropractic care. He takes time to discuss all facets of health during a visit if so needed. And the home care part is a plus with children and a moving schedule. I trust him for my care and the care of my boys. His faith is solid and another plus for me."

– Jenna H.

"During this Covid 19 “shutdown”, I was spending way too much time sitting at my computer. I ended up with severe back, hip, and shoulder pain. I feel so blessed that Dr. Boyd comes to my house, is thorough with sanitation, and has really helped my pain to reduce significantly!! He is a skilled professional who is very well-informed about many areas of health and ….. is simply the nicest, most ethical human being. Thank you!!"

– Sharon B.

"Dr. Boyd is awesome! I have had the worst problems with my lower back for the last 8 years from sports. Everywhere I went they wanted to do surgery, but Dr. Boyd was able to help me become painless after a few treatments. Now I see him monthly and couldn’t be happier"

– Andrew A.

"Origins Mobile Wellness come highly recommended by my family and me. We give him a million stars! He has restored us back to life again! The service that is provided by Dr.Boyd is absolutely amazing! The convenience of having chiropractic service coming to your location is truly beneficial, especially when you are not mobile. Dr.Boyd is very knowledgeable, compassionate, and empathetic about his work. Thank you, Dr. Boyd!"

– Ann C.

"Dr. Boyd has been the BEST Chiropractic doctor I’ve ever had so far. I was in a head-on accident a couple of years back and I was referred to him. Since I was out of work and having difficulty walking or riding in a car, I was so happy he makes house calls. I have virtually no pain left from the accident! Two years later, I still have regular appointments and he keeps me going. I’ve spent 13+ years at my job doing telephone technical support, sitting in front of several PCs 8-9 hours a day. I can’t thank him enough. Finally, I’ve been impressed and thankful for the attention to detail, and his staying up-to-date on current modalities like the:

Neurological Stress Reduction Therapy (NSRT), is based on proven, science-based technology that utilizes the Biolight Technologies PTL (Pulsed Therapy Laser) along with the BAX Aura biofeedback/ laser induction therapy technology. This has had many, many successes for our family. I would definitely recommend Dr. Boyd!

Note: He comes every time wearing a mask, and keeps his table and equipment sanitized, especially important during the COVID-19 concerns."

– MG M.

"What a wonderfully caring being/D.O!!! He knows his stuff and genuinely cares for his patients to heal both in body, mind, and spirit! I found his technique to be gentle yet thorough and he leaves you with a message when the full work is done! I’m grateful for the service and time he put toward my healing."

– Moira E.

"Most people would love it if their doctor could make house calls. Well, my chiropractor does! Dr. Boyd brings all of the knowledge, tools, and professionalism of his established practice to my office regularly. I no longer have to take off work or an extended lunch break to go for an office visit. I am able to receive full care in my home or at my office when it is convenient for my schedule. I can’t recommend Origins enough! Don’t travel to a chiropractor anymore. Call the guy who travels to you!"

– AJ H.


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