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The air we breathe as well as the water we drink will have a profound effect on the health of our bodies. Our bodies are made up of approximately 75% water, so it makes sense to drink water that is properly filtered, ionized, and with the proper pH so that you can best absorb it into your cells. Most of the water from the tap has been chlorinated, fluoridated, and chemically treated in order to kill off pathogens.

Unfortunately, these same chemicals that kill off pathogens can have an adverse impact on your ability to absorb it into your cells where it needs it the most, thereby, making you sick and dehydrated. Our cells need water in order to properly flush out toxins. Without enough water in the cellular matrix, these toxins can get backed up and slowly reabsorbed into your body and causing brain fog, weakness, fatigue, and sickness. This is why air and water purification in South Charlotte NC is an important step in protecting your health.

Air Purification in South Charlotte NC

Oxygen is crucial in the healing process of virtually every illness you could ever imagine. Toxic and contaminated air can make us ill. Imagine being able to scrub the air whenever a family member catches a cold or flu. Or being able to neutralize strong odors just minutes before guests come over to visit. The "FreshAir Surround" is the same air purifier that Dr. Boyd uses in his home. Clean air is only a click away.

Studies have shown that our homes can be some of the most toxic places where we spend our time. From the air we breathe to the water we drink, to the chemicals that are utilized to clean our homes and clothing... we are constantly exposed to things that can make us toxic and sick. While we may not be able to control every place we come into contact with, we can at least detoxify the place where we spend the most time- our home.

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